Announcing Postman Programs for Students and Educators to Promote API Literacy


Today, all connected-software experiences—a broad category that includes basically every digital activity or transaction around the world—require APIs as their building blocks. This represents an absolutely staggering scale: In 2019 alone, the Postman API Platform processed 4.7 billion API requests, and that number is only climbing in 2021 as API growth continues to skyrocket.

That’s why Postman—with more than 14 million users across the globe—is launching two Postman student programs to help empower the next crop of developers with API literacy skills so they can drive the future of this essential technology:

  • The Postman Student Expert Program is designed to help students get trained on APIs.
  • The Postman Classroom Program is designed to help educators (professors, lecturers, teaching assistants, etc.) to teach APIs using the industry-standard Postman platform in their classrooms.

Here’s a quick overview of the two exciting programs.

The Postman Student Expert Program

The Postman Student Expert Program will elevate your software development and API knowledge to help you in your career. As a Postman Student Expert, you will receive:

  • API and Postman training created by the Postman team
  • A Postman Student Expert badge to showcase online and to future employers
  • Exclusive access to Postman meetups and events like Postman Galaxy, the Postman user conference
  • Invitation to the online Postman Student Expert Program community

“Being part of the Postman Student Expert Program has been a phenomenal experience. Not only did I get access to a wonderful community and resources, but I also loved being able to play a role in bringing API knowledge to more students in today’s API-first world.”
Sayan Chaudhary, Postman Student Expert at Carnegie Mellon University

You can apply to be a Postman Student Expert here.

The Postman Classroom Program

The Postman Classroom Program will enable you to teach your students with industry-standard Postman API tools so they can be ultra-prepared for today’s world (and job market). This program is open to all educators in universities, high schools, coding bootcamps, and more. As a teacher in this program, you will receive:

  • Access to Postman resources to incorporate API and Postman education as part of your curriculum
  • Opportunity for your students to earn the Postman Student Expert badge
  • Free Postman licenses for you and your students
  • An invitation to the online Postman Student Programs Community

“For future computer scientists, it is critical to learn API-first development as part of their curriculum. As the industry-standard tool for working with APIs, Postman was the right tool to support this education. By joining the Postman Classroom Program, I was able to collaborate with my students through free licenses and curriculum support from the Postman team to ensure that my students were on track for API literacy.”
Connie Taylor, Professor of Practice at the Clemson University School of Computing

You can apply to teach with Postman here.

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3 thoughts on “Announcing Postman Programs for Students and Educators to Promote API Literacy


    Dear Postman Team,

    I am a regular user of Postman, and very elated to see that Postman has launched the Student Expert Program
    as well as the Classroom Program. My team and I have registered for the Classroom Program and filled the Postman Classroom Program Application on 1st of March, 2021. We were expecting to hear back on the status of our application within 7 working days as mentioned in the Google Forms Response mail sent to us.

    However, we have not yet received any responses to our submitted application.
    Kindly advise further on this, whether any more information is required from our end, or something was missing in the filled application.

    Thanking you in Advance!


      Hi Pallavi,

      Thanks for the note. These programs are focused on Students and Educators currently. I’ve sent you an email with more info. 



    Really excited to know this…it’s really good opportunity for self improvisement