Announcing Unlimited Collaboration for Small Teams in Postman


When I built the first iteration of Postman in 2012, it was designed to help individual developers interact with APIs. But it soon became clear that that wasn’t enough: APIs are inherently collaborative, and the original Postman product did not explicitly facilitate that collaboration. So over the ensuing years, we’ve been working tirelessly to address this need by introducing collections, team, private, and personal workspaces, and more recently, public workspaces to make collaborating on APIs easier.

We love seeing the way our community uses Postman to collaborate. For example, there are small teams like Chiffer—a startup with three engineers building the first subscription intelligence platform to help financial and executive teams get the metrics they need. They use Postman to develop their integrations with other tools like Salesforce and QuickBooks. Postman gives them a way to clearly communicate within their team which parts of other companies’ APIs they are using and how (they also use Postman for their internal APIs).

“When we need to show what parameters one can send and what kinds of results one can expect to get back, Postman is the best way for us to collaborate.”
—Chiffer Founder and CEO Sidharth Kakkar

And then there are larger teams like VideoAmp, which maintains a Postman workspace as a central hub for cross-team collaboration and information. Whenever issues arise, their developers and testers can more easily work together on a resolution. The workspace includes approximately 35 shared Postman Collections that map to various microservices, and it also allows teams to share and manage multiple environments. Anytime someone syncs a collection or environment variable, it’s immediately shared across the entire organization.

While we’ve seen many in our Postman community become successful with these features, we realized that how we gated our product was preventing smaller teams from taking full advantage of Postman’s collaboration capabilities. So now we’re changing that.

Starting today, the Postman Free plan (compare all Postman plans) allows up to three members to collaborate in Postman with unlimited shared workspaces and unlimited shared requests.

We hope this will allow even more of our community to fully experience the collaborative power of Postman. Now you know why we were excited for API Month.

Overview of updated collaboration for each Postman plan

Here’s an overview of how the updated collaboration will work for different kinds of users on the different Postman plans:

  • Users not currently on a team
    • Nothing changes for you. But if you’re considering creating or joining a team, now is an outstanding time to do it.
  • Existing Postman Free plan users with up to three members on your team
    • You will now have unlimited shared workspaces and unlimited shared requests.
    • You can access any of your previously archived requests here.
  • Existing Postman Free plan users with four or more members on your team
    • You will automatically be transitioned into a 30-day trial of unlimited users on our Free plan, unlocking unlimited shared workspaces and unlimited shared requests.
    • You can access any of your previously archived requests here.
    • At the end of the trial month you will need to either upgrade or manage your team to three members in order to continue collaborating.
  • Existing Postman Team plan and Postman Business plan users
    • You continue to have access to more integrations, Postman API calls, API documentation views, mock server calls, and monitoring API calls.
    • You still have the ability to recover deleted collections (30 days on Team, 90 days on Business).
    • You continue to have access to custom domains.
  • Existing Postman Enterprise plan users
    • You continue to have access to Postman’s full API platform and top-tier customer support.

If you have further questions about these changes, please reach out to us in the Postman Support Center. We look forward to continuing to make every plan better by listening to your needs, thoughts, and ideas every day. You inspire us and push us, and we thank you for being part of the Postman community.

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