Let’s Make It Official: April Is API Month


API growth continues to skyrocket; in fact, we just saw the fifty-millionth active Postman Collection created by our fantastic user community. In addition to the sheer statistical explosion, APIs are also transforming every industry every day, from farming to electric guitars.

The entire team here at Postman—a group of fanatical API enthusiasts if ever there was one—thinks it’s high time that APIs are more properly (and formally) celebrated. APIs deserve to be elevated to their proper station, right now. And so let it be hereby made official:

April is API Month.

Excited? We are too. Thirty days in honor of everything API. It’s like a dream come true. We’ll be making some exciting announcements and bringing you new ways to learn more about APIs and maximize everything you do with them throughout April. We’ve even got a few suggestions to help you get the April-is-API-Month party started:

And finally, we wish you all a happy API Month.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Official: April Is API Month


    This is awesome, suggested this to be a team effort for all of our testers, especially since we are pivoting to automation testing.


      Great to hear, Ramona. Happy API Month!