Announcing Postman 5.0: Pro Features for Free


Today, we’re excited to launch a new major version of Postman – 5.0. Postman 5.0 allows all users with a Postman account to create mock servers, publish documentation, and run monitors.

APIs have grown exponentially over the past few years. They have led us to a Cambrian-like explosion in software development. Whereas code was the major driver for building applications, now an API comes first for every developer. This API-first model is being followed both internally within organizations using microservices as well as externally where every organization has a public API.

Popularity of APIs

We are seeing early signs of this through new kinds of software components like integrations, data APIs, and bots. APIs lead to new innovations, better specialization, faster iteration cycles, resilience against new entrants, lower cost of procuring software, and happier developers.

APIs have many moving parts

However, these benefits come with an increase in complexity due to multiple moving parts with internal and external dependencies. In simple terms, things can break with nobody being able to figure out what’s going on.

We have been hard at work to help you manage this complexity through powerful, integrated, and collaborative tools – an API development environment.

So what does Postman 5.0 give you?

1. Create mock servers to develop faster and more reliably

Postman enables you to create mock servers

2. Monitor your APIs to ensure healthy endpoints

Postman enables you to monitor your APIs

3. Publish documentation on your custom domain with a custom theme

4. Access to the Postman Pro API to control your own Postman data:

Usage is limited to small-project quantities:  1000 requests/month to mock servers, 1000 views/month on documentation pages, and 1000 calls made/month from monitors for users with free accounts. The Postman Pro API is also available to free users with 1000 calls to the API for free per month.

Of course, users on Pro and Enterprise plans will be able to use these features through the Postman app and the resource limits will depend on the plan you have purchased. You can check out your resource limits by going to the account usage page.

All of our tools are built on Collections, the format that you already know and understand well. This ensures that everything in Postman works seamlessly. We also believe that you should not have to work for your tools. Hence, mocks, docs, monitors, and our API get updated whenever you make a change in Postman through our syncing service, automatically.

Thousands of developers and companies use these features to run their infrastructure. Find out how Imgur and Lucid are making their APIs better.

We are looking forward to your feedback. Do check out our product roadmap to see what’s coming up next, and follow us on Twitter for the latest breaking news.


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2 thoughts on “Announcing Postman 5.0: Pro Features for Free


    “Full stack” is a good way to solve developer’s problem, +1 for this move . Should consider moving to Pro now.


    Postman just gets better all the time, thanks for this new feature.