Postman Pro is the Single Source of Truth for Imgur Endpoints


Imgur allows you to upload and share your images. As one of the top 50 websites worldwide, the Imgur platform supports over 150 million monthly active users. Additionally, Imgur’s RESTful API exposes the entire Imgur infrastructure for app developers.

Since 2009, Imgur’s mission is to lift the world’s spirits every day by allowing users to upload and share images on the internet. The Imgur platform serves 75 billion images every month, supported by a team of 14 engineers based in San Francisco. Engineering covers infrastructure, web, and mobile apps, with the core stack in PHP.

When the engineering team made the decision to level up to Postman Pro, they did it in classic Imgur fashion—with upvotes and an Internet meme.

Sync shared Postman Collections

Relying on a shared Postman Collection ensures that everyone on the Imgur engineering team is on the same page. Engineers are alerted to any API code changes through a Slack integration, and can review the differences. Public documentation is updated in real time without any additional deployment steps.

Postman is a single, unified tool that has our API documentation and integration tests in 1 place, so that it’s consistent across teams.
Using a shared Postman Collection means that our documentation will always be up to date.
Dan Pastusek, Senior Platform Engineer

Postman for convenience and efficiency

Imgur’s mobile developers are some of the biggest users of the Imgur API. If a mobile developer has an issue with an endpoint, they can easily re-create the endpoint in Postman with an environment that contains the specified parameters, and share it with a platform engineer who can run it and get started on a fix quickly.

When Imgur has a prospect interested in their API service, engineers use the Run in Postman button to demonstrate the API’s capabilities.  Their potential customers can get started easily using the Postman Collection without coding anything on their own.

Click the Run in Postman button below to get the collection and environment into your Postman app.

Automatically generated documentation for APIs

Imgur’s previous process for API documentation was a manual one, with endpoints and documentation managed in separate code bases. Now, updates made to an endpoint in the shared Postman Collection are updated in the Imgur API documentation in real time without submitting a single pull request.

For public API documentation, Imgur introduced their new pages using Postman’s documentation generator with one click of a button. They selected a production environment template, and then published the docs on their custom domain using the Imgur green and black theme.

Imgur API docs
Imgur docs for monitoring and continuous integration

Imgur uses Postman monitors to test the user flow for core endpoints. After releasing an operational or code change, infrastructure engineers can view the response time to complete these requests.

Being able to monitor the average response time allows us to see whether we’ve introduced a change that increases response time. This could catch infrastructure changes that might not be detected by our continuous integration process.
Dan Pastusek, Senior Platform Engineer

Read the Imgur Case Study

Developers at Imgur stay in sync using Postman’s centralized workspace and API documentation. Read the Imgur case study.

Run the Imgur API in Postman

Imgur’s API exposes the entire Imgur infrastructure via a standardized programmatic interface. Using Imgur’s API, you can do just about anything you can do on Run the Imgur API from the Postman API Netowrk.

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