Accelerate your API-first journey with Postman’s new Enterprise solutions


Since launching Postman Enterprise in 2018, we’ve collaborated closely with Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies worldwide, including Paypal, Meta’s WhatsApp, Axis Bank, and Visma, to help them tackle their most pressing API challenges. We’ve learned that many key players in the developer community—from engineers and architects to product managers and QA leaders—are looking to adopt API-first principles across their organizations and require more refined API development capabilities to support these initiatives.

We’ve been hard at work architecting new solutions that provide developers, quality engineers, platform architects, and more with tools that span their entire API development and consumption lifecycle. Today, we’re excited to release four new Postman solutions designed to help organizations fast-track their API-first journeys with sharper collaboration, automation, and governance tools.

Postman Enterprise Essentials

Some of our newest enterprise customers just starting out with Postman are looking for a solution that can provide all the power and agility of collaboration while meeting their corporate IT compliance requirements.

In our new Enterprise Essentials offering, we have packaged our quintessential collaboration features—workspaces and collections—with our most requested administrative controls features, including single sign-on (SSO), System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), role-based access control (RBAC), and User Groups.

Enterprise Essentials is great for teams looking to streamline their developers’ onboarding and offboarding processes and empower them to quickly tag-team on API development in Postman workspaces. Enterprise Essentials can be purchased on our website or by contacting our sales team. Postman users on Basic or Professional plans can upgrade to the Enterprise Essentials plan directly from our website or within the Postman application.

Postman for Internal API Management

Since the release of Postman v10, we’ve heard from countless engineering managers asking us to streamline how APIs are developed, discovered, and distributed in Postman. So we’ve brought our API Builder, API Governance and Security capabilities, and our secure Private API Network into a superpowered solution called Postman for Internal API Management—providing enterprise Postman users even more flexibility and control for building and sharing APIs internally. With Postman for Internal API Management, developer teams can now manage their entire API lifecycle in Postman.

Using Postman’s API Builder, teams can work together to design API specifications using OpenAPI, RAML, GraphQL, gRPC, or SOAP formats and automatically maintain API documentation. With Postman’s governance tools, teams can deploy out-of-the-box API governance rules from the template library or choose to define custom rules.

Team members can share their work via the Private API Network for org-wide visibility. The Private API Network is a central repository for all the internal APIs, collections, and workspaces teams use, making it easy for anyone within the organization to discover, access, and reuse API assets. Once APIs are published to the Private API Network, running API conformance tests is a snap with the governance reporting dashboards.

We take pride in empowering our users with an all-in-one API platform. That’s why we were honored to be recognized by Gartner as the leading provider for internal API management in the 2022 Critical Capabilities for Full Life Cycle API Management Report. With this release of Postman for Internal API Management, we continue to deliver on our promise to support companies in their internal API-first initiatives.

Postman for API Test Automation

Engineers have always loved using Postman for all types of API testing. But now, with the growing adoption of microservice architectures, cloud migrations, and distributed development worldwide, we’re seeing API testing needs skyrocket in complexity. We’re excited to launch Postman for API Test Automation to address these challenges.

Postman for API Test Automation brings together the Postman Collection Runner (which facilitates both manual and scheduled testing) and the Postman CLI (which can automate test sequences at scale and run tests with every build through your preferred CI/CD integration). The Postman for Test Automation solution also includes test reporting and analytics to keep you up-to-date on test coverage and enhanced debugging tools for faster issue remediation.

Postman for API Test Automation is perfect for teams struggling with prolonged development cycles, long lags between development and QA, and delayed product releases secondary to testing complexities.

Teams on an Enterprise plan can choose to purchase API Test Automation licenses for those team members who require the additional scale to perform their critical QA tasks. Any users with Enterprise Essentials can purchase API Test Automation licenses for team members who require these additional capabilities for their key QA needs.

Postman Enterprise Ultimate

For teams looking to leverage Postman’s full platform of capabilities, we have revamped our previous Enterprise plan to launch Enterprise Ultimate. This package has full product capabilities and has been adopted by hundreds of customers embarking on an API-first journey within their businesses.

This offering includes Postman’s signature workspaces and collections, the Private API Network, API Governance and Security suites, and all testing capabilities, including the Collection Runner and the Postman CLI. Enterprise Ultimate also includes domain capture. This is a great feature for organizations looking to do large-scale or organization-wide Postman deployments and need extra tools to support their IT compliance requirements. You can visit our pricing page to learn more and purchase these offerings.

Changes to Basic and Professional plans

Our investment in helping API producers and consumers isn’t limited to just enterprises. We’ve also worked hard to create better solutions for customers on Postman Basic and Postman Professional plans. In recent months, we’ve introduced and enhanced our support for API client capabilities, especially for GraphQL, WebSockets, and gRPC, as these technologies continue to grow in popularity. We’ve closed 380 feature requests and continue to improve Postman’s performance. We’ve introduced the Postman CLI and the ability to schedule collection runs in the cloud for automating API testing, launched local API performance testing so that you can simulate real-world traffic, and added collection Guest roles. Plus, we introduced the Postman VS Code extension, which is in early access now, with additional functionality to be announced in the coming weeks.

To keep delivering value on our Basic and Professional plans, we’ll adjust the price for our plans accordingly:

  • Monthly plans: Starting July 15, 2023, Basic monthly plans will increase to $19 per user/month, and Professional monthly plans will increase to $39 per user/month.
  • Annual plans: Starting September 15, 2023, for existing customers, the price for Basic annual plans will increase to $14 per user/month, and the price for Professional annual plans will remain the same. Click here to upgrade to an annual plan now.

Learn more about Postman Enterprise Essentials, Postman for Internal API Management, Postman for Test Automation, and other plans on our website or contact our sales team.

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5 thoughts on “Accelerate your API-first journey with Postman’s new Enterprise solutions


    A few weeks ago we purchased the basic plan for our team for $12 a user/month
    Are you saying that we’ll be charged more for the upcoming year although we already paid in advance for the entire year?


      Hello, No, your current year is unaffected. Your plan price will increase only upon your plan renewal in 2024. But if you choose the early renewal option in your billing dashboard, you can lock in the $12 pricing for the next 2024-2025 billing cycle.


    Nice and easy app for beginers.




    We need the original price for place order, not the new price from Sep. 15th.