Introducing the Postman VS Code extension

Earlier this year, we announced that we would launch the Postman VS Code extension in 2023. We aim to bring Postman closer to our users as they design, develop, and test their APIs. With that goal in mind, we have built and are now rolling out the first beta version of the VS Code extension.

This early version aims to solve our users’ need to quickly test and try their APIs while implementing them. That’s why the first version is focused on building the core API client experience, where you can send API requests across multiple protocols from within VS Code. This streamlines development workflows by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between your IDE and Postman. We currently support HTTP, gRPC, and WebSocket on the API client, and we will continue adding more protocols and features as the extension evolves.

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Sending an HTTP request with Postman from within VS Code.

You can install the VS Code extension from the VS Code marketplace. We will continuously ship features and improvements—such as support for Postman Collections and environments—so be on the lookout. We value your input, so if you have any feedback on this beta version, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the Postman VS Code extension

  • Any chance of getting a Jetbrains (IntelliJ/Webstorm/etc) plugin as well?

  • It’s been awesome and straightforward

  • Cool, but without collections and envs this extension is a bit useless for large code bases.

  • Just found this extension. It’s pretty nice to have everything in vscode. Can’t wait to have graphql, collections, and environments implemented!