Introducing domain capture: group your organization’s Postman users into a single team


It can be common for organizations using the Postman API Platform to have employees that also use Postman independently rather than being part of the organization’s licensed Postman team. Such distributed and unmanaged user accounts may pose multiple business challenges. A few of these challenges are:

  • Adherence to internal compliance, security, and data policies
  • Reduced collaboration within the organization with employees distributed across, and contributing to, multiple Postman teams
  • Inability to control and manage enterprise users, their data, and their access

Introducing domain capture

With Postman’s new domain capture enabled for your organization, you will be able to identify and manage all the user accounts in Postman that have been created with your organization’s domains or subdomains, and consolidate them into a single Postman team. In addition, we will ensure that any new users that sign up to Postman using your organization’s domain are also automatically added to your organization’s Postman team.

This will greatly help your organization to:

  • Adhere to internal compliance, security, and data policies
  • Better collaborate within the enterprise with all the employees contributing to the same Postman team
  • Enable management and control over your organization’s users, their data, and their access

How to get started

Domain Capture Setup
Add and verify your organization’s domain

The ability to capture domains within Postman is available on the Enterprise plan. To add and verify your organization’s domains/subdomains in Postman, head over to the Authentication settings page. Once the domains/subdomains are verified, you will be able to view and add all the relevant user accounts in Postman into your organization’s Postman team.

Learn more about the domain capture feature here.

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