4 Postman Performance Improvements for Faster Workflows


Over the years, Postman has evolved from a REST API client to the full-fledged new Postman API Platform we have today, and it’s become essential in helping users improve their API productivity, collaborate with peers, and build amazing software. We want to make sure Postman continuously evolves to do the best job it can to empower users to get their own jobs done. With this in mind, we’re announcing a series of updates starting with Postman v9.14 that focuses on improving app performance. Here are four huge benefits:

1. Faster app launch

We’ve made several improvements to the launch experience for Postman desktop apps. You should see your apps load 2.5x* faster than previous versions. We have also simplified the launch experience by removing temporary windows with loaders before you see your workspace. Launching Postman should feel much more smoother and responsive.

2. Snappier workspaces

We’ve done some significant improvements to workspace load times. You should now see your workspace items load in your sidebar much faster—between 2x to 4x* the speed in sidebar load time compared to the previous versions, depending on your workspace. This introduces a huge performance improvement for larger workspaces.

3. Do more, faster

We’ve made changes to the way we load your collections, folders, and requests. Regardless of the size of the collection, you can now reach your requests around 2x* as fast. This means that you can jump into a workspace, find what you want, and get started with your work much faster.  

4. Lower memory footprint

Through all these changes we also wanted to make sure that we are consuming lesser memory from your devices—as a result, the app consumes 50%* lower memory than before. This means you can continue working longer without experiencing sluggishness. 

More to come

These are just the first of many performance updates that we have planned for Postman, all to support greater efficiency in your workflow. Stay tuned for more blog posts on upcoming improvements inspired by the feedback we’re hearing from our community of users.

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*Depends on size of the workspace, collection, and age of the device. Actual results may vary. 

This post is written by Giridhar Villiambakkam Chakravarthi and Kamal Nandagopal.

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