Why I Joined the Postman Open Technologies Team


My name is Matthew Reinbold, and, like most folks in the API space, I’ve been a Postman user for years. I’m excited to announce that I’ve now joined this beloved company in a new role as director of API ecosystems, and at an excellent point in Postman’s history.

The API landscape is changing

Modern software development is awash in web APIs. Just a short time ago, companies might have had a single API for a mobile application. However, today they’re up to their API memory limit with CI/CD, cloud infrastructure, data management, distributed systems architecture, AI development, and digital transformation efforts. Getting a handle on all those APIs is no small feat.

Three factors drive this change:

  • Modern software development practices are complex and will continue to become more so
  • All industries, even those traditionally not considered software-driven, will need to operate “at the speed of software” to maintain relevance
  • API architectural styles will grow in importance as the primary method for reducing technical complexity by “hiding” it behind logical abstractions

The number of web APIs is only increasing. That means companies must install adaptable, pragmatic API ecosystem governance to deliver on the promise of their API architectural styles. As a result, API governance will be a significant investment and IT focus for the next decade.

Enter Postman

Postman can help solve this challenge. Developers, business analysts, and technical product managers have long known that Postman is an incredible API client and testing tool. What they may not be as familiar with, however, is how Postman supports flourishing API ecosystems.

Whether it is public workspaces, powerful collaboration and versioning features, or enterprise control management, Postman is already a powerful platform for initial governance efforts. It has helped companies of all sizes create more discoverable, better-designed, and secure APIs.

How Postman Open Technologies can help

I’m proud to be joining the Postman Open Technologies team, which is made up of industry leaders who are evolving the relevance and impact of open specifications, standards, tooling, and data. In my role working alongside these experts, I’ll apply the same open principles of curiosity, transparency, and empathy to define world-class ecosystem management.

I’ve previously elevated API practice from individual assets to one of ecosystems. And now I get to do that vital work at scale. Whether it is uplifting people or illustrating the road ahead, I’m here to help companies take the next step in their API journey.

And we’re just getting started. From the humble passion project to Fortune 500 enterprises, I am excited to help Postman users mature their API practices. There is a galaxy of opportunity waiting to be unlocked—let’s discover it together!

Are you interested in working at Postman too? Learn about joining the Postman team here.

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