Exactly Who Works with APIs? We Found Out


Postman’s State of the API Report continues to be one of the most comprehensive surveys of its kind. The 2021 edition was…

5 Tips for a Game-Changing API Design Review


Google had an API problem. As described in their 2016 paper, “API Design Reviews at Scale,” the number of APIs produced grew…

Improve API Governance with These Shareable OpenAPI Templates


Organizations are increasingly called on to manage dozens, if not hundreds, of APIs. Increased scale increases the likelihood of design inconsistency among…

How to Improve an API Ecosystem with Mapping


APIs are created and consumed by organizations of every size and in every industry. The different technology stacks, team maturities, and usage…

3 Essential Elements of Open Technology


When most people think of “open technology,” they think “open source,” and for good reason. Over the past two decades, open source—with…

Why I Joined the Postman Open Technologies Team


My name is Matthew Reinbold, and, like most folks in the API space, I’ve been a Postman user for years. I’m excited…

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