There’s an API for that


The Postman API Platform is where over 25 million developers come together to build and integrate the APIs that power the software we depend on. It includes an unparalleled set of collaboration features that not only promote quality, performance, and security across the entire API lifecycle, but are also helping to usher in the API-first world.

Our lives and routines are changing faster than ever, which means that developers are encountering new challenges every day. We built Postman workspaces to give teams shared access to the tools they need to solve these problems together, but we wanted to think even bigger. That’s why, in 2021, we launched the Postman Public API Network, which enables teams to share their work with others and provides a central place for developers to connect and collaborate on a massive, global scale. Less than six months later, it became the largest public API hub in the world.

The Public API Network has continued to grow, and it now supports over 122,000 public workspaces and 260,000 API collections. We’re proud to see so many members of our global community coming together to integrate one another’s APIs and bring groundbreaking solutions to life. For instance, the Salesforce Platform API collection has been forked almost 120,000 times, and the Notion API collection has been forked nearly 52,000 times—and that just scratches the surface.

All of this innovation has spurred our belief in a future where, no matter what needs to be done, you’ll be able to say, “There’s an API for that.” From WhatsApp and Smartcar to Stripe and Plaid, APIs will continue to be the building blocks of modern software. And as the API-first world continues to become a reality, we’ll keep supporting the world’s developers, as well as anyone else who builds or works with APIs, with the tools and resources they need on the Public API Network. The possibilities are endless.

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