The Future of GraphQL


GraphQL enthusiasts ranging from industry consultants to product builders gathered at Postman Galaxy 2021 to share their experiences in the GraphQL landscape.

The “Future of  GraphQL” panel participants included:

The GraphQL panel discussed the following:

  • What industries have been the quickest to adopt GraphQL?
  • What are the biggest limitations to adopting GraphQL?
  • What are security considerations when working with GraphQL?
  • In what circumstances would you not use GraphQL?
  • What new features and tools supporting GraphQL are you excited about?
  • How do I get started with GraphQL?
  • What are examples of good GraphQL API documentation?

Our GraphQL experts debated challenges to adopting GraphQL, hybrid architectures with REST and GraphQL, and the core API problems that GraphQL addresses. They also dug deeper into role-based schemas and attribute-based access control, and also offered advice to avoid common GraphQL pitfalls.

And finally, they shared their crystal ball predictions about the future of GraphQL:

  • “GraphQL is going to become ubiquitous as the API access language, and delivers the core value proposition of decoupling the frontend and backend.”
    Hear more insights from Evan Weaver, CTO and co-founder at Fauna.
  • “I’m cautiously optimistic. GraphQL has definitely hit a nerve with the problems of API exploration and integrating complex APIs.”
    Hear more insights from Tanmai Gopal, CEO and co-founder at Hasura.
  • “Most organizations are looking for device-agnostic and platform-agnostic solutions. Since the industry is moving to smaller screen resolution, more responsiveness, quicker feedback, more performance efficiency, GraphQL is the way for it.”
    Hear more insights from Pragati Sharma, senior quality consultant at ThoughtWorks.
  • “GraphQL certainly is the future. Especially if you start greenfield, why would you start with REST if there are new technologies and new standards being developed?”
    Hear more insights from Roy Derks, engineering manager at Vandebron.

Watch the full Postman Galaxy GraphQL panel discussion here:

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