Take Your Child to Work to Play with APIs

Do you work with APIs and have trouble explaining to your family what that means? Here’s an event that can help you out.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is coming up soon on Thursday, April 22. It’s the day when people bring their kids to work to show them different career choices and give them a taste of working life. If you work with APIs, it’s also a great opportunity to explore them together using Postman.

The other day, I was showing my young nieces how to send API calls in Postman. I already knew that Postman was an approachable learning tool for API professionals because you can tweak your inputs and see the feedback immediately. For those same reasons, it’s also a really effective teaching tool for kids. To them, Postman is just like another computer game!

Since April is also API Month, you are cordially invited to stop by a special Postman livestream on Thursday, April 22, to celebrate this day of family bonding. Arlemi and I will be hosting an interactive session to learn about APIs. This episode is for children ages 5 and up to partner with adults who are kids at heart. Sign in to Postman so you and your child can play with APIs together, and then follow along during this hands-on activity. We’ll also introduce some kid-friendly APIs you can explore together.

While this day is primarily observed in the United States and Canada, anyone can participate in the fun and educational activities. Mark your calendars, and come hang out:

“Take Your Child to Work to Play with APIs” Postman Livestream

Day: Thursday, April 22, 2021
Time: 11am to 12pm PDT
Where: Log in to YouTube or Twitch to participate in the chat
To prepare: Sign in to Postman

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