API testing interview questions


So, you have a big job interview coming up, and you know they’re going to grill you on your API testing knowledge….

End-to-end testing best practices with Postman mock servers

End-to-end (E2E) tests focus on the complete user workflow. This type of testing approach begins from the end user’s perspective and simulates…

What is OpenAPI?


OpenAPI, formerly known as Swagger, is an interoperable, machine-readable, and human-friendly specification format that is used to define HTTP APIs. It relies…

How to run a monitor with the Postman API

Postman Monitors provide continuous visibility into the health and performance of your APIs. Collection-based monitors let you run API test scripts, chain…

The 3 fundamental checks of API governance rules


API definitions, such as OpenAPI documents, are often inspected to perform automated API governance checks. As an API definition aims to describe…

What are HTTP methods?


HTTP methods are used to indicate the action an API client would like to perform on a given resource. Each HTTP method…

5 ways to enhance the developer experience with Postman Flows


Humans are hardwired to interpret meaning from images. To such an extent, that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than…

Translating user benefits into API capabilities


As part of my ongoing work designing the Postman Open Technologies Knowledge Base API, I have identified most of the technical characteristics…

Postman’s guide to 5 essential API testing techniques


Postman has revolutionized the way developers test APIs, offering a comprehensive set of tools and features that streamline the API testing process….

Automate API versioning with the Postman API and GitHub actions

Postman helps your organization design, document, develop, test, and monitor your APIs. With versions, you can create and iterate on your APIs….

Set up severe weather alerts around a geofence


With Tomorrow.io and Postman currently running the Harness the Weather Hackathon through August 1, 2023 (featuring a top prize of US$1,000!), this…

Build your own weather app with one call


Tomorrow.io is on a really cool mission to give you the most accurate real-time weather data, even going so far as launching…