For several developers, the RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) has become a popular choice for designing APIs. With the announcement of RAML 1.0 today, RAML has added several well thought out features that help API publishers address the complexity of designing large APIs.

Postman has supported RAML imports for a while now. However, the ability to import a RAML folder was missing, due to some limitations with Chrome’s File API. We are happy to announce that those issues have now been resolved, and Postman now supports folder imports in general, and RAML folders in particular. With version 3.1+, Postman can detect all RAML API definitions inside a folder and import all of them. The current version of the importer supports version 0.8 of the RAML spec.

Here’s a short example of how I used this feature to import the GitHub API into Postman:

1. Clone the GitHub RAML Definition

The RAML definition for the Github API is available on Github. I cloned the repository to my local machine by running this in my terminal:

$ git clone

2. Open the Postman import dialog

The import button can be found in Postman’s top navigation bar:

You’ll see the import dialog, as shown below. Notice the new “Folder” tab.

3. Import a folder!

Click on “Choose”, select the folder we just cloned (“Github”), and the hit “Upload”.

Now, Postman will detect all all the RAML definitions, convert them internally to Postman
Collections, and then show you the import success message:

Postman’s folder importer can also import all files that are Postman Collections, or Postman Environments. This makes it easier to import multiple collections and their associated environments into Postman.

We hope you have fun with the new feature!