Stay On Top of Your Evolving Collections with Postman’s New Changelog

Postman Collections constantly change—with new requests added, new examples saved, and so much more. Communicating these changes to your team members and partners can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

More often than not, it needs manual effort through change documents and announcements to consumers. But sometimes critical updates are missed.

Postman simplifies this process by automatically generating a changelog for your collections. The changelog shows a chronological list of updates made to your elements along with information about who made the change and when. In the latest release of Postman, we have added exciting new features to further improve communication of collection changes by redefining the changelog.

  • The new collection changelog provides precise details about the change that has happened, including a detailed diff of those changes.
  • In addition to the changelog, we have grouped changes in chronological sessions to help you track the changes on a collection within a particular timeframe.

    Changelog of a Collection
    Changelog of a collection

Benefits of the all-new changelog

Postman’s all-new changelog makes relevant information easily available to readers. It highlights the primary entity modified (e.g., collection, requests, folders, or examples) and gives an overview of the changes made to that entity. You can dig deeper by viewing the complete diff.

Speaking of which, we’ve revamped the changelog diff as well. With simpler representations, contrasting colors, and concise content making info easier to read, you won’t miss a single update to your collections.

Revamped diffs to represent each change clearly
Revamped diffs to represent each change clearly

Changelog sessions

As your collection evolves with multiple people contributing simultaneously, it can be really daunting to identify contributors and changes made during a timeframe. To address that issue, we went ahead and grouped individual changes into chronological sessions:

  • Every session contains changes that happened on the collection within a specific time interval.
  • A session gives you an overview of changes and can also be drilled down to view all changes that have happened on a collection in that timeframe.
  • Sessions also capture all the changes made by multiple members in a collaborative environment, letting us know everyone who contributed to the collection within that timeframe.
  • You can expand a particular session to view all the changes that have happened in that session and view a diff of all those changes as well.
Collaborative sessions in a changelog
Collaborative sessions in a changelog

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