A Space Camp Miniseries for Basic to Advanced API Testing Skills

Postman Space Camp is a newly launched role-based training series of hands-on learning experiences. Each lesson is initially streamed live and recorded so everyone can follow along later with the video on demand. So far, Space Camp has created content specifically for developers, DevOps practitioners, API producers, and most recently—testers.

API testing is one of the most popular use cases of Postman—and there is a wide range of ways to test APIs in Postman. Because this is such an important and meaty topic, we decided to dedicate two full episodes of Space Camp to provide folks with a solid testing foundation. Whether you’re completely new to API testing or a seasoned veteran looking to up your testing game, this Space Camp two-part miniseries has you covered.

“Postman: An Introduction for Testers”

The first session designed for testers is an introductory level session aptly named “Postman: An Introduction for Testers.” Postman Developer Advocate Sean Keegan and Postman Technical Enablement Architect Carson Hunter cover all the basics of getting started with testing in Postman. From generating basic tests with our out-of-the-box code snippets to writing more advanced custom tests and extracting data from one request to use in another with variables, this lesson provides a great overview for getting started with testing. If you’ve dabbled with basic tests in the past or are looking to get started with testing in general, this lesson is for you.

“Continuous Quality with Postman”

Once you have the basics down, Postman Director of Developer Relations Joyce Lin and Postman Senior Software Developer in Test Neil Studd help you take your testing to the next level with the second session in the testing series, “Continuous Quality with Postman.” They start by breaking down what it means to have a “continuous quality” mindset for API testing, and then they demonstrate some of the more advanced testing workflows and recommended practices for testing in Postman. You’ll learn how to make use of powerful Postman tools such as the Postman Collection Runner to run tests locally and Newman, Postman’s command-line collection runner, to automate testing as part of your CI pipeline. But the fun doesn’t stop there! They’ll also explore how to reduce the time and effort of your regression testing cycles with Postman monitors and perform snapshot testing using mock servers.


Learning opportunities for every role

Regardless of how familiar you are with API testing prior to this Space Camp series, you’ll leave feeling equipped to bring advanced API testing into your workflows. Space Camp makes it easy to consume the content for each session in a way that makes the most sense for you. For every session, you’ll get hands-on learning by:

  • Forking the collection from the Postman Space Camp public workspace. Each lesson has a corresponding collection that is fully documented so you can follow along at your own pace with information on further resources.

  • Watching the on-demand video walkthrough of the lesson on our YouTube channel’s Space Camp playlist
  • Downloading the slide deck for your own consumption at your own pace


The Postman Space Camp public workspace overview page
The Postman Space Camp public workspace overview page

Register for upcoming sessions

Register now to join us for the next two sessions of Postman Space Camp:

If you want to stay in the know about all things Postman Space Camp and get notified about future sessions, click the Notify Me button on the series home page.

The Postman Space Camp home page where you can register for future sessions
The Postman Space Camp home page where you can register for future sessions

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