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Almost everyone who uses Postman works within a Postman workspace, which are collaborative places that help individuals and teams solve problems and organize their work. There are several types of workspaces, including personal workspaces used by individual developers, as well as team, partner, and public workspaces that bring groups of people together to collaborate.

Developers use workspaces to work together on a wide range of API problems, such as helping engineers onboard faster, setting up API tests, responding to incidents, and more. But when you are creating a new workspace, it takes multiple steps to set it up in a way that is useful for the whole team. Additionally, it is sometimes unclear how to follow best practices and help developers be most effective and productive in solving problems.

Recently, we launched collection templates for a similar purpose: accelerating individual developer workflows. Now, we’re taking it a step further by introducing workspace templates, which accelerate team workflows and collaboration.

Introducing workspace templates

Starting today, you can set up workspaces faster using workspace templates. When you create a workspace, you can choose from a set of templates that are tailored to solve developers’ most common API problems:


When you create a workspace you can choose from a set of templates to solve common API problems

Workspace templates help you get started quickly with the following problems:

  • Engineering onboarding: Onboard engineers faster by providing a reference to all your APIs.
  • API testing: Build high-quality APIs by setting up manual and automated tests.

  • Incident response: Respond to incidents quickly with collections for frequent workflows.

  • Infrastructure: Provision, de-provision, and manage your cloud infrastructure.

  • API demos: Maintain your API demos in one place to empower your sales and evangelism teams.

  • API security: Ensure your APIs are secure by testing for vulnerabilities.

How to use workspace templates

Each template provides a helpful Workspace Overview to get you started, as well as a set of relevant collections tailored to the problem space. You can easily make changes to the pre-populated overview content and reuse collections according to your team’s needs.

As you explore workspace templates, please share your feedback and ideas on what templates you would like to see next. We will continue to roll out templates for additional use cases soon.

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