Postman’s got a new look


One thing has remained constant since Postman came to life. That has been the Postman app icon and the ‘logo’. There is not much to say about them, except that not many people were big fans.

This changes today with Postman’s new brand identity. When we started thinking about the product as well as the direction we are heading in, it made sense to take a comprehensive look at our identity instead of just creating a pretty app icon. We wanted something which reflects how our users relate to Postman while not being constrained by common ways to represent abstract concepts like networking and testing. Arrows and globes were out before the first draft itself.

To accomplish this, we wanted someone who is not only good at design but also understands the essence of the product. And we were thrilled to find the amazing Pune-based artist and interaction designer, Aditi Kulkarni. After hearing about Postman, Aditi agreed to help us out immediately.

During the design process, we went through several iterations and finally came out with a logo which we believe represents Postman perfectly.


The packaged app has been updated with the new app icon. We have a new website along with the logo. The website is always going to be a work in progress as we add more content, tutorials, and advanced features to help you get the most out of Postman.

Our new identity marks a new beginning for Postman. We have been hard at work over the past few months to help developers become faster and more efficient and we have been amazed at the response to our efforts. To recap things a bit:

  1. More than 550,000 developers now use Postman
  2. More than 125,00 collections have been uploaded on our online service.
  3. More than 600 companies team accounts. (Thousands of developers have activated Jetpacks already!)
  4. We stepped out of the browser with Newman. Postman + Newman + Interceptor make an unbeatable combo now!
  5. A great ecosystem of tools is coming out around Postman collections with tools like, Blueman, Jess, Stubman, apiary2Postman, ServiceStack.Api.Postman and more.

We have a lot of exciting stuff planned for the coming weeks so do make sure to check the blog for updates!

To take things to the next level, we are looking for a kick-ass Javascript developer. You can find out more details here. Email us at with your profile if you are excited about building Postman!


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4 thoughts on “Postman’s got a new look

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    great news!, but the icon isn’t clean when you pin it to taskbar in windows 7.

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      Agreed – the icon looks nice here, but not great in Windows. I think it might need a different treatment in small size – perhaps simplifying to a silhouette.

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    Nice job