How does Postman help teams save time?

Kamalpreet Badasha

From increasing developer productivity to accelerating feature release timelines and testing cycles, Postman is helping enterprises save time. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle by streamlining collaboration, enabling teams to build better APIs faster. Keep reading to learn more.

Quicker testing

Nonprofit higher education institution Western Governors University (WGU) deployed the Postman Enterprise plan with winning results. The first substantial improvement they saw was for sprint cycle testing time, which was reduced from 96 hours to just five to six hours per Scrum team.

Overall, testing time for WGU was reduced by an incredible 50%, with what once took 30 minutes now being completed in 15 minutes. There has also been a whopping 75% decrease in the amount of time required for multi-team testing; the whole process, which previously required four hours, now only takes one hour.

WGU is not the only customer that has seen measurable improvement. For instance, product protection platform Extend is now saving a total of one hour per day in testing time. These results show that by using Postman, businesses can spend more time focusing on creative problem-solving.

Improved developer productivity

Every week, the teams at USA-based transportation and logistics services company Werner Enterprises save at least three hours by using Postman workspaces and analyzing workflows end-to-end. Additionally, Postman Collections have facilitated efficient collaboration between developers, saving at least 20 minutes per project.

The all-in-one restaurant platform Toast has also seen positive gains with Postman, and they are now saving 95 minutes per engineer every week. This means that, over a year, Toast is saving 10 working days per engineer.

Across the pond, European software company Visma has eliminated 50 minutes from weekly meetings per API team. Fixing API bugs used to take almost an hour, but it now takes under 10 minutes. This means developers can spend more time on innovation.

Expedited feature releases

Thanks to Postman, global portfolio analytics company SEI Novus℠ is deploying new features multiple times a day. Previously, it would take weeks to release new features, but with the automation and agility of Postman, the process has been accelerated.

These are just a few examples of how Postman benefits businesses. For more, take a look at our case studies.

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