Postman Joins the GraphQL Foundation


We’re excited to announce that Postman is now part of the GraphQL Foundation. Postman Open Technologies led this logical next step in Postman’s commitment to the communities that are vital to our product and our customers. As the technical lead for GraphQL at Postman, I’m particularly excited about this news and am pleased to have spearheaded the effort to make this partnership happen. Now, I’d like to explain why this partnership benefits Postman, our users, and Open Technologies.

By joining the GraphQL Foundation, Postman continues our commitment to an open philosophy. Postman designed the Open Technologies group to support the most critical specifications, standards, and tools that power APIs leveraged by Postman and our more than 20 million users around the world. Open Technologies works to benefit the communities it engages with, like the GraphQL Foundation, and speaks to Postman’s core values of create with curiosity, earn trust, and win together.

GraphQL has become an emergent technology for developers in their systems and APIs across their companies. The norm is that customers are implementing multi-specification solutions, and GraphQL is occupying an important role in making data available to producers and consumers of APIs. Through Open Technologies, Postman is able to join and contribute to the communities that our users rely upon. Our ability to have people who focus on building with and sharing knowledge from these open source projects helps Postman develop the features and functions our community requires. For example, Postman is currently updating our GraphQL client, which makes use of improvements in another of the GraphQL Foundation’s projects, GraphiQL. You’ll hear more about the new features coming to Postman’s GraphQL client in the coming months from the Postman Labs team leading that development!

Supporting and learning from GraphQL working groups will allow Postman Open Technologies to join it with other API specifications that we support, like OpenAPI and JSON Schema, for the purpose of building knowledge on the interoperability of API styles. Open Technologies has the goal of making open source API technologies more accessible to everyone. This means we will share with the GraphQL Foundation what we’ve learned from implementing our client and what we know from building collections for GraphQL. From the foundation’s working groups, we’ll share internally and with our customers how to build an excellent experience for API producers and consumers. And finally, we will learn what tools Postman can deliver that will make adopting GraphQL an API-first solution.

I’m personally very excited about joining the GraphQL community and participating in the various active development projects happening right now: GraphQL 2022 is finalizing new features for the release coming in October, GraphiQL 2.0 is in active development, and a recently launched working group intends to address the concerns of “composite schemas” popularly known as Schema Stitching, Federation, and Mesh. Stay tuned for more updates as Postman’s work with GraphQL evolves.

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