Postman Year in Review: Top Highlights of 2020


A lot happened in 2020. Like, a lot. But for us, it was all about you—the fantastic, 13-million-strong Postman community. We listened closely to your feedback and, as a result, introduced a dizzying amount of product updates, features, and capabilities this year. Let’s take a look back at a few highlights, shall we?

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Okay, let’s begin!

Top 5 Postman highlights of 2020

1. API collections to help in the COVID-19 fight

We created a web page displaying a curated catalog of pandemic-related API resources including a list of API collections that helped in the COVID-19 fight. You can visit the resource center to get more information.

2. Postman is now on the web

The brand-new web version of Postman offers a range of performance and experience improvements by delivering Postman directly in your browser for the first time.


3. OpenAPI Initiative—we are in it together

This year we proudly joined the OpenAPI Initiative as an official member alongside 35 other tech companies. The OAI is an inspiring, industry-wide project to promote a broadly adopted standard for describing modern APIs. We also introduced new OAS-related capabilities in Postman. In particular, we addressed challenges in four specific workflow use cases that involve OAS, and it’s made a big difference for our users.

4. Introducing Postman public workspaces: the first massively multiplayer API experience

It wasn’t just the year of the web. We also introduced Postman public workspaces to move API collaboration beyond the realm of a team; now, people from different teams, different companies—virtually anyone, really—can work together to build software in a way that was not possible before.


5. AsyncAPI joins forces with Postman to define the future of APIs

Postman is now partnering with AsyncAPI—an initiative for standardizing message-driven APIs to develop the open source tooling around its specification that the API community needs to deliver the next generation of APIs.


A shoutout to our community members for their spectacular 2020 efforts

This year we had record participation from community members on Postman’s community forum at—more than 2,000 new users created their first posts and we saw more than 7,000 new replies to posts. We’d love to see you there too, so jump in anytime.

  • Thank you for pushing the industry with your thoughts by participating in the Postman guest blogger program. Postman’s guest blogger program is designed to expand the range of voices sharing experiences and thought leadership on our blog, all to help push the entire API industry forward. If you’re ready to be a guest on our blog, we’re ready, too. Check out the details and tell us about your idea here to set the wheels in motion.
  • We are happy to see the overwhelming response to our programs for students and educators. Our two programs—the Student Expert Program and the Classroom Program—are both designed to give students and educators new opportunities to discover and share the astounding power of APIs. If you are a student or educator, we encourage you to learn, contribute, and help shape the future with us.

Sharing knowledge with the global API fan base

Postmanauts are passionate about educating users through blog posts, live webinars, and Twitch and Youtube livestreams sharing insider tips and tricks of using Postman. Here are some highlights of what we’ve shared with you this year.

As you’ve probably noticed, the Postman blog had a big makeover in 2020, so we’re excited for you to check out what’s new each week. Here are some top picks from the past year:

The 2020 State of the API Report

Curious about trends in the API industry and what its future may look like? We surveyed more than 13,500 API professionals to bring you the industry’s largest and most comprehensive The State of the API report.


If you’re looking for helpful information on topics ranging from how-to-get-started-with-Postman to continuous API testing and more, check out Postman’s on-demand and upcoming webinars.


It was our first year livestreaming on Twitch (and other platforms including YouTube and Twitter). You tuned in, brought interesting questions, learned how to make your own bat-signal by manipulating connected lights, built a real-time video game, and did countless other wacky activities with us. All of this year’s livestreams are archived here, and you can join us for upcoming streams by following us on Twitch.

That’s a wrap for 2020—and now we’re launching 2021 with Postman Galaxy

Again, don’t forget to register for our global, virtual API conference, where you can engage with API fans from all over the world from February 2-4, 2021. Attend live demos, ask questions, and connect with fellow attendees to expand your knowledge and network.

Who’s speaking at Postman Galaxy

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak and trailblazing NASA astronaut Dr. Ellen Ochoa are just two of the stellar speakers you’ll witness at Postman Galaxy this February. Check out the full schedule and register for your free ticket—or grab a Pathways premium conference workshop ticket for unique access to the exclusive, only-at-Postman-Galaxy hands-on workshops—all here.

Looking forward to the year ahead. Thanks, as always, for being a part of the fantastic Postman community.

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