Streamline Postman workflows with customizable keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts help you perform repetitive tasks faster, and Postman already provides a set of default keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate and work within the app. Today, we’re excited to introduce customizable keyboard shortcuts, which offer a simple yet powerful way to create your own shortcuts for common actions. This feature makes your experience more consistent with your other preferred tools, and it is one of the many steps we’re taking to make Postman workflows fully keyboard operational.

How to customize your keyboard shortcuts

Postman provides default shortcuts for using tabs, sending and saving requests, and adjusting the interface. You can change any of these default shortcuts by navigating to Settings and clicking Shortcuts. Then, simply click on the action whose shortcut you’d like to modify and press your preferred combination of keys. If you make a mistake, you can restore the default settings for any individual shortcut—or reset all shortcuts at once by clicking the Restore Defaults button in the top right.

Customize keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the one you want to modify and pressing your preferred combination of keys.

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