Popular Artificial Intelligence APIs to Explore Today


“Just use AI!” While you may have heard this before, using artificial intelligence can seem like a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be, and there are many AI APIs out there ready for you to leverage. Check out some of them in Postman’s latest featured list, Artificial Intelligence APIs, then get started straight away by forking any or all of these popular APIs to your own workspace.


OpenAI is a non-profit AI research company whose goal is to advance digital intelligence. They’ve been widely talked about recently when they announced Codex, an AI that translates natural language to code. While Codex is still in private beta, you will be able to start building on top of the GPT-3 model using their collection. Try it out in this OpenAI public workspace.


Rasa helps users build end-to-end conversational assistants, including natural language understanding, dialogue management, and integrations with other messaging platforms like Slack or Messenger.  In this video, they show how you can use Postman to explore the Rasa Open Source framework API and the Rasa X API. Try it out in this Rasa public workspace.

Mist AI

Mist AI applies machine learning and data science to improve the user experience and simplify operations for any client-to-cloud network. Their public workspace features their API reference as well as a collection showing the workflow of creating multiple network sites using the Mist API. Try it out in this Mist AI public workspace.


Symbl provides real-time analysis of data from different sources, from human conversation to a text file, and extracts contextual information from them such as a summary of a discussion, suggestive action items, or sentiments. Symbl has a public workspace dedicated to integration with third-parties to help developers use their analysis on other data sources. Try it out in this Symbl.ai public workspace.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers many public cloud services, including a suite of artificial intelligence appropriately named OCI AI Services. One example in their public workspace is the Anomaly Detection API that allows you to use pre-trained or custom models in your application to detect anomalies that may arise in data from banking, insurance, and other industries. Try it out in this Oracle public workspace.


Rev provides APIs for both asynchronous and streaming speech-to-text functionalities. Their speech engine is trained on more than 50,000 hours of human speech including different topics, industries, and accents. The collection in their public workspace will show you how to use the Rev.ai API to get a transcription or captions for a specific file. Try it out in this Rev.ai public workspace.

APIs are used all across the internet, and this list highlights some of the ones widely used in the artificial intelligence space. Check out how they can fit in your workflow and give them a try. And don’t forget to explore other Postman-featured APIs, workspaces, and collections in the Public API Network.

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