Partner Viewers are free for enterprise teams

As part of Postman v10, we launched Partner Workspaces to enable Postman customers to share workspaces with their external partners across organizational boundaries. We have seen engineering, sales, and evangelism teams leverage this capability to collaborate and co-develop with partners where they have the API code, documentation, tests, and mocks that can be updated by the customer and partner in real time—making for a truly synchronous experience.

However, we also heard feedback from Postman customers who don’t work in this manner. These customers are building APIs for partners to consume and want to share their API collections and documentation in a secure manner without making them public. Partners only need view-only access to try out and integrate the APIs. This becomes more important when APIs are updated and partners need to be made aware of any changes.

To enable such customers to work with their partners more easily, we are making the Partner Viewer license free for our Enterprise plan users. Now, partners who only have Viewer roles in Partner Workspaces will no longer be billed for a paid slot. They can access Partner Workspaces they are invited to and view workspace elements (code, documentation, tests, mocks, etc.). Additionally, Partner Workspace Viewers will also be able to provide feedback using comments and watch collections to get notified of any changes.

Partner Workspace Viewers can send API requests, watch elements and add comments
Partner Viewers can send API requests, watch elements and add comments

Enterprise teams will only be billed for partners when they are assigned the Editor role in Partner Workspaces. But first, if you are on an Enterprise plan, you can invite and collaborate with up to three partner Editors for free. Editors will have the same permissions as today, including full-scale access to a workspace and all its elements.

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