We shipped some great new features with 3.0 a while back. One of the things that we are really excited about in the new Postman is the new Collection Browser.

API documentation – if it exists – lives outside the tools that developers use. You have to switch between your code editor, a REST client (and you are using Postman we assume!) and the browser multiple times to get to that one call that you are trying to work with. If you depend on multiple APIs, this involves regular trips to the browser. Switching, tabbing and searching can eat into your productivity like crazy.

Postman 3.0 ships with an in-built Collection Browser that is designed to make consuming and managing API documentation easier for you. The Collection Browser lets you browse through collection meta data right within the Postman interface. You can bring up the browser for a collection by clicking on the “expand” arrow.

You can browse through an entire collection and open requests inside the builder. The collection browser also gives you access to the common actions that you would want to perform. With Postman’s ability to import Swagger, RAML and WADL docs, you can organise all the APIs that you depend on at one place and make your development flow easier.

We have a ton of things planned for the Collection Browser in an upcoming update. Do let us know about your suggestions in the comments. Stay tuned for updates on this blog and do follow us on Twitter.