Lost in Space: A Puzzle Hunt for API Enthusiasts

I don’t like puzzles. I’m a bit lazy, and so I solve problems because I have to, and not because I think they’re fun. Last week, I experienced my first escape room, a game where players look for clues and solve puzzles in order to accomplish a specific goal within the allotted time. The game was played virtually during our Postman developer relations team’s scheduled and mandatory fun time.

I cringed a little inside, but then I noticed something interesting. It started with the math geeks on our team. They had already managed to solve the first puzzle before I even understood the assignment. Their eyes were shining. One by one, every teammate chimed in with a clue they had uncovered, and we put our heads together to solve these puzzles of no consequence.

Postman's developer relations team playing an escape room
Postman’s developer relations team playing an escape room

The wheels in my own head started turning. While I didn’t enjoy puzzles, I loved seeing my teammates’ eyes light up when they were on to something. Then I realized that I could do this too: I could design a puzzle game in Postman.

Introducing Lost in Space

Introducing Lost in Space: a puzzle hunt for API enthusiasts. In this game, six members of the International Space Station (ISS) have been knocked out of orbit by a solar flare. Together, they must piece together the clues and figure out how to get back on course and return home.

  • Team size: One to six players recommended
  • Duration: Two to four hours
  • Level: Intermediate to advanced

This online puzzle can be played by an individual, couple, or team. Play in one location or across multiple locations by communicating virtually.


  • How long does it take to complete the Lost in Space mission? Plan to spend two to four hours. Go at your own pace. There is no penalty for taking longer, collaborating with teammates, or taking a break and returning to try again. It is highly encouraged to form a team, since everyone’s brain works differently and humans can accomplish more together than individually.
  • I am new to code and APIs. Is this challenge for me? Some of the puzzles are designed for developers and suitable for novice developers. If you know basic web API concepts and beginner JavaScript, you are in good shape. If you’re an API professional, but don’t identify as a developer, you may need to do extra research to complete some steps. Or invite a coding buddy to join your team.
  • I am not a native English speaker. Is this challenge for me? Some of the puzzles are extremely challenging if you are not a native English speaker, or if you are visually impaired or hearing impaired. It is highly encouraged to form a team with diverse capabilities and perspectives.

How to get started with the mission

Clues are located in this public workspace: Lost in Space.

Recommended to form a team to solve the puzzles in this workspace
Recommended to form a team to solve the puzzles in this workspace
  1. Get instructions: Fork the Read Me First collection to your own workspace. Share your work in a team or public workspace so others can review issues.
  2. Review the mission: Send the API call in the collection for instructions on how to collect the clues.
  3. Submit the final solution: When you think you’ve gathered all the data, validate your solution by providing the required information to Mission Control.
  4. Claim your badge: Successfully completing the mission allows you to join the leaderboard and claim your Lost in Space Postman badge.
Lost in Space badge
The Lost in Space badge

Try your hand with this space mission and save the ISS! And if you want more games, check out the Postman IQ game geared towards Postman trivia, created by my colleague, Postman Developer Advocate Meenakshi Dhanani. If you are not into games, check out these other Postman training badges for more learning options. Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite games, and maybe we’ll have something new for you soon.

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