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A few short years ago, I marveled at all the companies that required hands-on experience with Postman or listed it as a desired skill. At the time, Postman was a scrappy startup with 4 million users. I remember being surprised by the different sorts of people who relied on Postman for their everyday jobs—testers, tech writers, product managers, and also folks in non-technical roles.

Since then, APIs have continued to grow exponentially. And on the coattails of APIs, Postman ballooned into a thriving community of 17 million worldwide. Virtually every business relies on APIs to function—internally, in partnerships, and for their end users. And virtually every person you know interacts with APIs in some manner. Because Postman is used throughout every stage of API development, the demand for Postman skills has only grown in recent years.

If you’re eyeing that promotion or looking for new job opportunities in the tech industry, experience with Postman can make you more marketable. But it can feel overwhelming to learn a whole new workflow and branch out from the comfort of the features you use every day. And sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

Here are a few ways to increase your on-the-job skills with Postman.

Role-based training

Earlier this year, we announced Postman Intergalactic for hands-on training tailored to different types of API users. These are interactive lessons created for various levels of Postman experience.

postman intergalactic sessions
Keep learning with Postman Intergalactic sessions

Sign up to get notified about upcoming live sessions, or check out these lessons on demand:

Tutorials for badges

If you prefer to study at your own pace, check out these self-guided modules and achieve Postman badges in a variety of topics:

postman training badges
Postman training badges
  • API training programs: Experience these self-directed, self-paced learning modules inside Postman to achieve badges in popular topics like APIs 101, testing and automation, API adoption, and API-first design and development.
  • Student Expert Program: Discover our programs designed to promote API literacy amongst students and educators and showcase your badge online to future employers.
  • 30 days of Postman—for developers: Complete this coding challenge to learn basic software programming concepts and beginner JavaScript while simultaneously learning about various Postman features.

Resources from the API community

Postman publishes lots of educational materials in the Postman Learning Center or on the Postman YouTube channel, but there’s also a treasure trove of unofficial learning resources produced by the vibrant Postman community:

These shining stars happen to be Postman Supernovas, but there’s a ton of activity happening within the broader Postman community, driven by this explosion of people who are now working with APIs.

If you’re a content creator, or just want to share something you’ve learned, post it on the showcase or upcoming events page in the Postman Community forum. And let us know your favorite way to learn about APIs and Postman.

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