Exploring Zoom’s REST and GraphQL APIs with Postman


Zoom is an essential tool for remote communication, collaboration, and video conferencing. With Zoom’s REST APIs and GraphQL API, developers can build custom integrations, automate workflows, and create new functionalities to enhance their Zoom experience. In a recent livestream with Zoom developer advocates Ojus Save and Gianni LaTange, we explored the Zoom public workspace, now available in Postman:

By using Postman as a repository for Zoom’s extensive library of over 600 API endpoints, developers can build apps that can read and write to Zoom’s robust backend infrastructure and mirror some of the most in-demand features available in the Zoom web portal. For instance, you can create a new meeting; create, add, and remove users; view reports and usage dashboards, and much more.

A collection in Zoom’s public workspace.

How to get started with Zoom’s REST APIs using Postman

List a user’s meetings with Zoom’s REST API.

Zoom’s REST APIs allow developers to interact with Zoom services programmatically. With the REST APIs, developers can create, manage, and delete Zoom resources, such as users, meetings, webinars, and recordings. To use the REST API with Postman, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Zoom App via the App Marketplace.
  2. Navigate to the Get Started Fast with Zoom APIs collection in Postman.
  3. Authenticate with Zoom using OAuth and keep track of access tokens.
  4. Browse additional Zoom collections to get started with video, meetings, phone, and more.

How to get started with Zoom’s GraphQL API using Postman

Query Zoom’s GraphQL API in Postman.

Zoom’s GraphQL API provides a flexible and powerful way to interact with Zoom services. With the Zoom GraphQL API, developers can query, mutate, and subscribe to Zoom data using a single endpoint. To use the Zoom GraphQL API with Postman:

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Here are a few other topics the livestream covers:

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