Everybody at SynapseFI Uses Postman

SynapseFI builds tools that enable financial technology firms and traditional banks to integrate banking products, such as payments, deposits, and authentication into their applications.

SynapseFI enables financial services firms and traditional banks in the U.S. to integrate banking products into their applications. Originally headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, SynapseFI now claims San Francisco, California as its home base. SynapseFI uses Postman to help customers through the API development and integration process. They also use Postman for internal team collaboration and learning. Let’s explore more on how Postman helps SynapseFI support its customers and team.

Easier team collaboration

SynapseFI developers use Postman for their complete API development workflow, from building requests, creating specific API environments, and using test scripts. However, Postman’s sharing features, such as the Team Library, are tremendously beneficial for team collaboration. The Team Library allows team members to subscribe to shared collections of APIs. Team members can share collections and environment templates and see the activity feed in the Team Library. When a SynapseFI developer modifies a collection, other team members can see the activity feed and explore the changes—before an official feature deployment.

Training and introducing new features

SynapseFI relies on Postman for a variety of internal and external training scenarios. They use Postman as a tool to onboard new hires and get them up to speed on the SynapseFI API by documenting the RESTful endpoints as a Postman collection embedded in the Run in Postman button. Postman is used to train non-technical members of the team about the basics of APIs and how they work. SynapseFI believes everyone in the company should understand the products they build.


In addition to onboarding new team members, the founder and CEO Sankaet Pathak uses Postman to introduce new features to the team during biweekly training sessions. According to Hillary Quirk, Head of Operations, “ Literally, every one of our employees has used Postman.”

Early proof of concept

Postman helps SynapseFI engage their customers more effectively. When customers have questions about an API, the SynapseFI sales team can demonstrate how it works in Postman.

SynapseFI enables customers to test their APIs in a sandbox. By using Postman during sandbox testing, customers can see how the APIs work and the best way to integrate them into their applications. Testing in the sandbox allows SynapseFI to avoid the time and cost of building out an integration prematurely.

SynapseFI developers use Postman to test APIs and merge code updates into shared collections. Postman enables developers to write scripts to build integration test suites, pass data between API requests, and build workflows that replicate their actual use case.

I’ve never been in a company where both engineers and non-engineers use the same tool in the same way.

Asya Bradley, VP of Business Development and Sales


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