Empower your business with these payments APIs


Thanks to the many years of evolution in the payment systems, we now have a wide range of payment options these days. Today, businesses can develop payment programs in less time by integrating publicly exposed payment APIs into their own systems. At Postman, we’ve compiled a set of high-quality and ready-to-use payments APIs for you to leverage in your own apps. Let’s check out some of the APIs in this new category featured in the Postman API Network:

  • Razorpay allows businesses to accept, process, and transfer payments in no time. Their workspace is a one-stop solution to power your finance with payment pages, links, invoices, subscriptions, payouts, reminders, and many more features. Try out their APIs yourself.
  • Stripe Developers has a collection of APIs that supports online commerce and payment processing for all sizes of internet enterprises. You can now use their quick, secure, and trustworthy methods of payments too.
  • PayPal, one of the largest online payment processors, provides users with a fast and safe way to send and receive money or make an online payment. It lets businesses manage all the money in one place. Try out this workspace to incorporate PayPal features into your application.
  • Dwolla enables the challenging task of connecting with the multiple payment networks in a very simple way—use its strong platform, low-code API, and partnership ecosystem.
  • Brex, a fintech company, offers credit cards and cash management solutions for their customers to save and spend money. Use their workspace to define and evolve your payment systems in your apps to track expenses, send ACH transfers and wires, create virtual cards for your customers, and much more.

Explore the entire set of high-quality APIs in the Payments category recommended by Postman. You can get started easily right now by forking any or all of these popular APIs to your own Postman workspace.

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    Great post. How is this ranking decided among the payment api providers? Are these organic? What are the measures and metrics used to define the “quality”?