Comments V2: Streamlined Collaboration Directly in Your Postman App


In October of last year, we introduced a commenting feature on the Postman dashboard. Comments make it easy to save interactions with your teammates and record information that doesn’t necessarily belong anywhere else.

The new commenting capabilities help facilitate even more streamlined communication. When you download the latest version of the Postman app, you will be able to add comments, feedback, and code reviews on the Postman app and dashboard. But wait – there’s more!

Post comments on collections and requests

If you work with a team, collaboration efforts can be difficult to organize. In order to simplify your workflow, our comments feature now allows you and your team to add comments to collections and individual requests – directly in the app. Your comments will seamlessly display on both your Postman app and the dashboard.  We’ve found that commenting on specific sections of requests keeps discussions tidy, focused, and makes feedback easier to maintain.

Markdown support and tagging

We also added markdown support so you can style your comments and tag your teammates. Users are notified via the app under the “notifications” section within the app, so it’s easy to keep your team informed about new developments, suggestions, or questions.


Permissions to help improve security – especially with large teams. You can edit and delete your own comments. Admins or owners can delete comments for moderation purposes, so you can avoid duplicate, irrelevant, or incorrect comments.

Here’s what the comments feature now provides:

  • Add/edit/delete comments, feedback, and code reviews.
  • Markdown support
  • Tag and notify team members
  • Automatically sync comments to the app from the dashboard
  • Admins can delete any comment

Comments are easy to get started with. Download the latest version of Postman here. You can refer to our updated documentation here and try out all our cool new commenting capabilities.

We hope this update helps streamline your development, QA, and supports your team‘s collaboration! To know more, refer to our docs.




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