New Postman Feature: Comments on Collections


Like many other companies out there (hopefully, someday, ALL companies), we at Postman are obsessed with feedback. We believe that constant collaboration and communication plays a significant role in building smooth and scalable development cycles.

As a Postman user, you can create executable documentation, manage teams through workspaces, collaborate by sharing collections – a complete API development environment. Today, we’ve made that environment even better with enhanced communication – something at the heart of every strong development team.

Our newest Postman feature allows teams to provide comments, feedback, and code reviews, all within the context of creating an individual Postman collection. 

To that end, we’ve introduced Comments as a feature. You can now add, edit, and delete comments to any documentation created by you or anyone in your team. The comments are in an easily accessible section at the very top of each published collection page and are open for everyone to use. Here’s how you can do it –


We’re constantly ideating on how to expand feedback loops like this, whether it be for ourselves or for our amazing community of developers. So, if you have any thoughts on this feature,  leave us a comment. 😉



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