Backup your collections on a custom domain in your Git repositories!


Millions of developers manage version control and code backup on 3rd party cloud platforms like GitHub and GitLab – staples of every software development project. So, we made it easy for you to sync Postman with your Git repositories.

We previously released integrations that allowed Postman Pro and Enterprise teams to backup and synchronize collections on their open source GitHub and GitLab repositories. We are happy to extend those capabilities. Postman Pro and Enterprise teams can now backup and synchronize their collections on custom domains with our new enterprise integration!

If you haven’t used our GitHub & GitLab integrations yet, here’s how you can do it:

1. Navigate to the Integrations tab on your dashboard. You will see a list of all the available integrations for Postman Enterprise users.

2. Select GitHub or GitLab from the list of Postman’s 3rd party Integrations for Postman Pro and Enterprise users by pressing the View Details button.

3. Select the integration of your choice.

4. If you choose to backup you collection with a custom domain, you will have to specify your Git custom/self-hosted domain and enter your personal access token

5. Next, select an existing Postman Collection. You will then need to select a repository in which to back it up and a directory and filename to call your backup.

Upon submit, your collection will be pushed to your GitHub or GitLab repository under the filename that you specified and saved as a single JSON file.

And that’s it!  Now you can go to your Git domain and view your backed-up collection in your repository. For more advanced options check out documentation for our GitHub and GitLab integrations.


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2 thoughts on “Backup your collections on a custom domain in your Git repositories!


    Hi, After following step 4 to integrate with custom Github domain, I receive an error ” Oops! Looks like you did not enter the token associated with this custom domain. Please enter correct token and domain.” Please advise. I verified the account that I am using have access to custom github domain.


    Is there a way to backup environments to version control? If so how?