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As the number of mobile and web apps continues to grow, so does the need for effective security measures to protect them from various types of threats. One way to enhance the security of an application is by using application security APIs. These APIs provide a set of protocols and tools that allow developers to integrate security functionality into their apps.

Take a look at some of the top application security APIs available in the Public API Network and see how they can help protect your mobile and web applications. Then get hands-on with each to experience their security benefits firsthand.

  • Datadog’s public workspace provides several APIs for app security purposes, such as the security monitoring API, incident management API, and identity and access management API. These APIs can be used to monitor and detect security incidents, manage security incidents, and control user access to sensitive data and functionality.
  • Intel® SecL-DC – OpenAPI Specifications public workspace has an API that enables hardware-based security features, such as secure boot, attestation, encryption, and other cryptographic operations. It also provides an abstraction layer that makes it easier for developers to integrate these features into software applications.
  • Warrant’s public workspace allows developers to integrate strong user authentication and authorization features into their applications without having to build them from scratch. These APIs provide a secure and scalable solution for access control and authentication in web and mobile applications. Use this workspace to define your own access model and enforce it in your apps.
  • Akamai APIs public workspace provides a collection of several security APIs that can be used for app and web security purposes. These APIs can help protect against various types of security threats, including bot attacks, web application attacks, and malware infections.
  • PingOne’s public workspace provides a range of security APIs that can be used for identity and access management (IAM) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) purposes. These APIs can be used to ensure secure and reliable user authentication and access management in various applications and environments.

Explore the entire set of high-quality APIs in the application security category recommended by Postman. You can get started easily right now by forking any or all of these popular APIs to your own workspace.

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