Announcing the Postman API Network


We’re excited to announce the launch of the Postman API Network, the most authentic and actionable directory of public APIs available. As of this writing, we have 112 public APIs included, with more added every day.

Every API listed in this network includes a complete Postman collection, created by the API’s publisher, and specifically designed to onboard developers quickly and effectively. The API Network was created for developers – we like to say that it contains everything you need to know, about every API you need to know.

This is a really exciting extension of our community, allowing API publishers to connect with developers via a tool they both use: Postman. This gets us that much closer to our mission to help developers, and making API development faster, easier, and just better for everyone.

Since APIs evolve over time, it can be tricky to stay current and up to speed. We hope our API Network will help – by providing developers with a current, continuously updated, and executable description of each included API, available with just a few clicks.

As you probably know, Postman collections include all the necessary requests, documentation, mocks, and tests to work with an API. Anyone can download these collections directly from our network into their free instance of Postman, and start working with the API immediately.

The complete API Network can be viewed on our website, or within the Postman app—download the latest version to access it.  Are you an API publisher, with an API you’d like to see in the Postman API Network? Let us know – we’d love the input.


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