How to Access Information about a Postman API Authenticated User

An authenticated user of the Postman API is the owner of the API key that you’re sending through a request. Accessing information about an authenticated user is really useful when you want to populate a user interface, or when you need that information to interact with other systems. Now, you can use the /me Postman API endpoint to access what you need—including the authenticated user’s username, full name, and email address.

What information is available

Retrieving information about the authenticated user works by making a GET request to the Postman API /me endpoint. You’ll be able to find the user’s information by inspecting the response’s user attribute. You will find the following attributes:


Name Description
id A numeric value representing the Postman user ID.
username A string with the user’s username.
email A string with the user’s e-mail address.
fullName A string with the user’s full name.
avatar The URL of the user’s profile picture.
isPublic A boolean that indicates if the user profile is public. Public profiles have the isPublic value set to true; private profiles have the isPublic value set to false.

Retrieve the user’s information now

Now that you’ve seen how it works—and what specific (and helpful) user information you can retrieve—try it yourself today by opening the “API Key Owner” request in the Postman Public Workspace and execute a request.

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