Wondering About Air Quality? This Postman API Collection Can Help


With California wildfires currently spreading in addition to the pandemic, breathing easy in 2020 continues to feel like a challenge. Staying updated on air quality is key right now, and the Postman Air Quality Collection—which was created by our team in 2017 as a response to previous Northern California fires—can help you assess if it’s safe to be outdoors.

Postman wants residents in California and the rest of the world to be informed about the changing air quality in their regions. APIs are known for enabling quick information exchange of real-time critical data, and that’s exactly what’s needed as record-breaking weather and fires cause hazardous ash and smoke pollution.

This collection gets air quality updates from the AccuWeather API and posts them to Twitter according to your account and location specifications.

Technologies used 

  1. Postman: This collection utilizes Postman Collections, Postman Monitors, and Postman Environments.
  2. AccuWeather API:  AccuWeather’s API allows users to obtain real weather data, including air quality data.
  3. Twitter:  We’ve chosen to use the Twitter API as a platform to reach out to our community and spread the message about the state of the San Francisco air quality since the Northern California fires have started. You can configure your own Twitter account to post periodic air quality updates.

Try it out to learn more

Check out the docs for the Postman Air Quality Collection and try it out for yourself.


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