What’s New in Postman’s Improved Audit Logs


Postman audit logs keep a record of system and user activity, enabling Postman team admins to also track and review how organization members use the Postman API Platform. Capabilities include seeing when a user has updated or removed a custom authorization scheme, invited someone to the Postman team, modified user roles, and removed group users. With this latest release, we’ve added significant improvements to audit logs, including a new dashboard that has greater security insights and allows you to query Postman for the exact information you need.

Currently available to Postman users on the Professional and Enterprise plans, audit logs can be accessed here. Users can also view audit logs by selecting Team in the Postman header, then selecting Audit Logs.

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Filtering audit logs

Audit log filters allow you to find what you’re looking for easily. You can filter by date ranges, event type, and actor.

Exporting audit logs

You can export audit events as a CSV file for external storage to meet compliance, auditing, and accountability requirements. Filters work seamlessly with the new export function. Before exporting the logs, set the desired filters in the audit logs dashboard to generate the export using those parameters.

Audit logs retention

Postman retains audit logs for 90 days for Professional plan customers and 180 days for Enterprise plans. We recommend that you use a security incident and event management (SIEM) tool to analyze your audit logs further and retain them for a longer time.

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With Postman users on the Professional and Enterprise plans having access to audit logs, contact Postman sales to purchase or upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise plan. Visit our Learning Center to see all available audit actions or events. Additionally, you can visit the Postman Trust Center to gain knowledge about organizational security and how to protect your accounts and data in Postman.

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