Spotlight on Engineering: Shubham Bhargav


You’re a Data Engineer at Postman. What would you say … you do here?

Well, my job is pretty simple. I am the guy who moves data around and bugs people about it more often than doing my own job.

Talking from a technical perspective, I use AWS well-managed services to implement data pipelines, monitor, and manage them on a daily basis.

You’ve been with Postman for 8 months now. How did you get started working here?

I’ve always been interested in working with tech-intense companies. When I applied to Postman for a Data Engineering role, quite frankly, I was scared as hell because I don’t come from a Computer Science background. And I am still learning.

The interview process varied from evaluating my communication skills to digging deep into my one of the first projects as a Mechanical Engineer. At the end, I realised that the majority of the discussions centered around solving real life problems. Somehow I got through, and it has been one crazy ride since then.

What’s the most interesting data set that you’ve worked with at Postman?

This past summer, Postman opened up a lot of our features to free users with limited usage. When the data started coming in, it made a lot of sense and confirmed what we suspected. People were interested in using these features and then would upgrade to Pro or Enterprise.

Like any good product-driven company, the Developer Experience is important to us. We have always focused on identifying the pain points for our users.

Recently, we started analyzing the patterns of usage among our power users to provide insight into designing features and templates for our new users.

What tech do you get to work with?

I primarily work with Python and AWS to implement stuff in our analytics infrastructure. Our pipelines are mostly built on serverless services:

  • Kinesis Firehose (Data Streaming)
  • API Gateway (Serverless API)
  • Lambda (Serverless Processing)
  • Redshift  (Warehouse)

What is one thing everyone should know about the Postman app?

Automation is something that I strive for using whatever tool I’m working with. I automate the monitoring of APIs using Postman monitors and test cases to keep things in check.

Another thing that I really, really like about Postman is workflow management using the .setNextRequest() function. It was such a helpful feature for me that I implemented this internally in our analytics stack as well.

What’s something cool you’ve worked on recently?

In between a lot of official Data Engineering projects, I somehow got involved in working on creating a new reliable messaging service from scratch. The idea behind this Postman side project was to enable micro-services to talk with each other, and to send information without relying on the availability of the destination service.

What is something we don’t know about you?

I don’t know whether I should call myself a gaming fan or not, but I am an Age of Empires fan, for sure. I have been playing it since 9th standard. Still a noob though.

Other than that, I read “techy” stuff. Recently, I have started digging deep into the internal workings of databases, and I’m hoping to create one myself some day.

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