A Postman Intergalactic Miniseries for Basic to Advanced API Documentation Skills


Postman Intergalactic is a newly launched role-based training series of hands-on learning experiences. Each lesson is initially streamed live and recorded so everyone can follow along later with the video on demand. So far, Postman Intergalactic has created content covering testing, designing an API, and most recently—all things API documentation.

Good documentation is crucial to ensuring a positive experience for folks consuming your API. It leads to increased consumer satisfaction and increased API adoption. Unfortunately, committing time and resources to thoroughly documenting an API often becomes an afterthought. Luckily, Postman has a suite of features and the functionality to help create a strong developer experience allowing API consumers to use your API.

Whether you’re wondering how to get started with documentation best practices or you’re an expert API publisher looking to increase adoption of your public API, this Postman Intergalactic two-part miniseries is just for you.

“API Publishers Series, Part 1: Introduction to Documentation”

The first session designed for API publishers starts with a general overview of why documentation is important. Postman Developer Advocates Meenakshi Dhanani and Arlemi Turpault break down how documentation impacts user onboarding and develop a checklist for good documentation. From there, they walk through the process of importing an OpenAPI Specification (OAS) and generating documentation directly from the OAS. With OAS becoming more ubiquitous, this is a highly valuable technique. If you’re curious about improving your documentation practices or why it’s important, this is a must-watch.

“API Publishers Series, Part 2: Increase Adoption of Your Public API”

If your public API is well documented and you’re ready to get it out there in the world, this session is perfect for you. We called in our very own documentation subject matter expert, Postman Technical Enablement Architect Carson Hunter for this one. Carson is a certified documentation superfan and together she and Arlemi explore some of the ways API publishers can increase user adoption. Prepare for a deep dive on optimizing the ever-important time to first call (TTFC)—an increasingly common metric to help gauge developer onboarding. There are tons of tips, tactics, and best practices covered to ensure maximum awareness and adoption of your API. See for yourself as Carson explains using the Postman Visualizer in your docs, Arlemi makes use of mock servers, and much more.

Learning opportunities for every role

Regardless of how familiar you are with API publishing and documentation prior to this Postman Intergalactic series, you’ll leave feeling equipped to craft an enjoyable experience for your API consumers. Postman Intergalactic makes it easy to consume the content for each session in a way that makes the most sense for you. For every session, you’ll get hands-on learning by:

  • Forking the collection from the Postman Intergalactic public workspace; each lesson has a corresponding collection that is fully documented so you can follow along at your own pace with information on further resources
    • “API Publishers Series, Part 1: Introduction to Documentation”
    • “API Publishers Series, Part 2: Increase Adoption of Your Public API”
  • Watching the on-demand video walkthrough of the lesson on our YouTube channel’s Postman Intergalactic playlist
  • Downloading the slide deck for your own consumption at your own pace
The Postman Intergalactic public workspace overview page
The Postman Intergalactic public workspace overview page

Register for upcoming sessions

Register now to join us for the December session of Postman Intergalactic:

If you want to stay in the know about all things Postman Intergalactic and get notified about future sessions, click the Notify Me button on the series home page.

The Postman Intergalactic home page where you can register for future sessions
The Postman Intergalactic home page where you can register for future sessions


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