The Run in Postman button is live on 10+ API publishers


The Run Button got hunted on Product Hunt! Check it out.

Today we are announcing the Run in Postman button implementation in 10+ public APIs. In the past month, many publishers joined us to provide one-click testing of public APIs. Together with them and the several others who embed the Run button every day, we are making testing APIs a more integrated part of the developer workflow.

The Run in Postman button is linked to a collection—and optionally an environment—and when clicked, imports the collection to the user’s Postman. The collection can contain a list of endpoints or real workflow examples. Since developers often test multiple APIs when building projects, the run button makes it easier for them to try out different permutations, combinations and product flows in whichever language they need through our code snippet generator.

As of today, you can see the Run button live across many APIs. Here are our partners who have dedicated time to make your life easier as a developer.

  • Apigee
    Apigee is the leading provider of API technology and services for enterprises and developers. They’ve provided the Run button for their Apigee Management API collection.
  • Auth0
    Auth0 makes it easy for developers to implement fully-extensible, secure, identity management for their applications with just a few lines of code and Auth0’s cloud service. They have implemented the Run button for their APIs for easily adding identity to your apps as well as for managing all aspects of your Auth0 account such as users, clients, and more.
  • Best Buy
    Launched in 2009, Best Buy’s open API program exposes their extensive catalog of product and store related data, including images, customer reviews, and trending products on Their Postman collection with the Run button includes sample queries for each of their endpoints showing a variety of techniques for requesting product, category, store and reviews-related data.
  • CoreLogic
    CoreLogic is the leading provider of property information, analytics and data-enabled services in Australia and NZ. They’ve added the Run button to their documentation to help you inject property data into your next integration with CoreLogic APIs. This is a starter pack with new working requests.
  • GoSquared
    GoSquared is a customer analytics platform that brings together all your customer information in one place enabling you to acquire more customers, provide better support, and build a better product. All of GoSquared’s APIs now have their own Postman collection allowing you to track, query and manage your customer data all from the Postman app.
  • Hotelbeds
    Hotelbeds is the world’s Bedbank, efficiently distributing accommodation and ancillary products to the world’s travel trade via APIs. They’ve provided the Run button for their distribution API APItude which is designed to make the integration process between systems, websites and applications easier and faster. It supports the development of new travel websites or mobile apps, enhancing the developer experience.
  • Postmates
    Postmates is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Using the Postmates Delivery API, which offers the Run in Postman button, developers can integrate our on-demand local delivery platform into their applications.
  • Sails.js
    Sails makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps. You can use the Run in Postman button collection they’ve provided to find a list of records that match the specified criteria and (if possible) subscribe to each of them.
  • SparkPost
    SparkPost is the API-driven email delivery and analytics service built for developers. SparkPost’s API handles email generation, tracks 20+ aggregate metrics, and exposes event data for each message. You can now test it with the Run button.
  • Tallyfy
    Tallyfy helps you track and manage onboarding and other processes. The Tallyfy API enables all of the functionality in our app to be exposed via a Postman collection so that you can hook it into all your existing apps.
  • Transport for London
    Transport for London (TfL) is the local government organisation responsible for most aspects of London’s public transport system. The TfL Unified API is a RESTful interface to the data that powers the website, and 300+ developer apps, for over 10 millions hits per day, free under the TfL Open Data policy. Check out their post with details on the Run in Postman button!

Wish your API had one-click testing? Go ahead and implement the Run button in your API docs now.

Since there are more publishers implementing the button every day, this list is just the beginning. All partners who inform us of their implementation will be found on our Run button integrations page.

Watch and learn

Level up your Postman game with our 2-minute YouTube video that explains how to generate a Run in Postman button to share a collection and environment:

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    How to update? Postman updates on Ubuntu but not in Windows 7.