Postman Intergalactic: New Educational Trainings for Every User Type

We are thrilled to announce Postman Intergalactic, a new series of educational trainings hosted online by your favorite Postman team members. Each one-hour lesson provides a curated learning experience aimed at different types of Postman users. Whether you’re a developer, a tester, an admin, or any other type of Postman user, we’ll have something for everyone. Most sessions are categorized as either “introductory” or “next-level,” and there is a live Q&A at the end of each one.

Register for upcoming sessions

Register now to join us for the next two sessions of Postman Intergalactic:

If you want to stay in the know about all things Postman Intergalactic and get notified about future sessions, click the Notify Me button on the series home page.

Watch previous sessions

Want to watch previous lessons and follow along? Check out our Postman Intergalactic public workspace. Our first session, “Postman: An Introduction for Developers,” is available as a collection in the workspace. The collection documentation has all the information needed to get started. Be sure to fork the collection into your own workspace and watch on demand.

Postman Intergalactic public workspace Overview page
Postman Intergalactic public workspace Overview page

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