Postman Dashboard for the rest of us

Great news! Now any Postman user can opt-in to use the new Postman Dashboard.

The New Postman Dashboard makes it easier to navigate to recent items from your activity feed and find all your Collection information, such as documentation, activity, monitors, and mocksall in one location. You can also view individual profiles on your team to access a shared collection.

To opt-in to the new Dashboard, you’ll need to start the week-long Pro trial. Once the trial is active, you should see a modal that invites you to try the new Dashboard, as shown below.

Voilà! The new Postman Dashboard appears.

Postman Dashboard

In addition to easy navigation to your activity feeds, a single location for Collections information, and a view to individual team profiles in a shared collection, you’ll find how easy the billing process is when you upgrade and subscribe to a monthly or annual Pro subscription.

The billing process has an efficient organizational structure that gives you more control over billing settings and tasks, such as changing your subscription plan or assigning user roles.

To see what we mean, go to your Billing overview page, upgrade to Postman Pro, and configure your plan.

Upgrade to Postman Pro

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