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Postman notifications allow you to stay up to date with what is happening in your Postman account. We understand that many people today spend a significant amount of time coordinating work by using instant messenger such as Slack. In fact, according to Slack, their paid customers average nine hours connected to the Slack app. So, with the latest release, you can now receive your important Postman notifications in Slack, all so that you won’t miss out on critical things and can stay informed in a timely manner. Anything that you used to see either as email or on Postman under the bell icon can now also be channeled to Slack.

Postman notifications in the Slack app

Postman notifies you via email and in-app of various important events that happen associated with your account. Now, we enable these notifications to be received in Slack. You have control over what notifications you want to receive and can manage these in the notification preferences section.

Notification preferences for Slack

Enabling collaboration outside of Postman

Collaboration is key to API development. According to Postman’s 2021 State of the API report, users want to spend more time (5% of total time spent on API) collaborating over APIs. To support better collaboration, Postman allows you to tag another user in comments asking for reviews on Postman Collections and APIs. With this new notification integration in place, you can now be alerted in Slack if someone tags you in a comment or replies to your comment. This eases Postman collaboration without the need to constantly check the Postman app or emails for comments and replies.

Notification on slack

Stay on top of your pull requests

Pull requests are a way for you to manage contributions to collections in your workspaces. With this integration in place, you are now notified in Slack when someone tags you in a comment, or approves, rejects, or merges your pull request. This helps reduce the time it takes to get your changes merged without you needing to check Postman repeatedly.

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