Celebrating Pride, But Not Just in June

Creating an inclusive environment is a year-round mission at Postman—where we’re dedicated to helping everyone feel like they belong. For Pride Month in June, Postman partnered with employees to host and support activities that honored the month meaningfully, sharing the event’s importance across Postman in fun and engaging ways. Learn what we did—and are continuing to do—and what our employees say about this year’s Pride-related activities along with Postman’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity.

When it feels right, it feels right

Who we’re attracted to and who we love are deeply personal experiences, and sharing affection is one of humanity’s purest joys, fulfilling a fundamental need while affirming who we are as loving, compassionate beings.

This is why at Postman we support who you are and who you’re growing into on your lifelong journey toward self-discovery. Celebrating Pride Month at Postman reflects our commitment to a diverse and welcoming workplace.

Postmanauts honored Pride Month by:

  • Participating in the Global Pride History and Culture Trivia game.
  • Planning a panel discussion with LGBTQ Youth Space, a nonprofit support and resource group in Santa Clara, California.
  • Joining the Global Book Club to discuss Nonbinary Lives by Jos T, Ben V, M-J, and Kat G.

Virtual LGBTQIA+ History and Culture Trivia

Postmanauts around the world met for a battle of the brains. Many were humbled by the intellectual prowess displayed by peers who schooled the rest of the crew about the individuals and groups who played vital roles in, and doggedly fought for, the civil rights and safety of all who identify as LGBTQIA+.

LGBTQ Youth Space panel discussion

Postman has partnered with the LGBTQ Youth Space, a program of Family & Children Services in Santa Clara County, and will participate in a panel discussion in late July. The conversation will focus on what diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging look like at work and at school, and chat about top-of-mind topics. Our goal is to create a space where our employees can build bridges in our local communities and be a resource.

Pride Month book club

Every month, Postman has a book club to inspire conversation and discussion. For Pride Month, Postmanauts chose a book focusing on queer issues. Nonbinary Lives is an anthology featuring non-binary individuals and their experiences navigating across communities. Through this book club, Postman aimed to encourage more understanding, foster an inclusive culture, and support our goal of building a company as diverse as our users.

Postman Giving and Matching Program

Many Postman employees volunteer and donate to their favorite LGBTQ2+ organizations. Through the Postman Giving and Matching Program, Postman will make a dollar-for-dollar match or donate for every hour of volunteer time submitted by an employee.

What some on our team say about belonging at Postman

“Postman helps in unleashing the maximum potential of each individual by giving equal opportunities to us. Its amazing work culture, and the trust and fairness among team members is something I appreciate. And the way Postman celebrates Pride makes me feel proud to be a part of Postman. It’s a unique way of helping employees interact with each other and learn more about LGTBQIA+ community.” — Karishma Agarwal, Software Engineer
“We are a super-inclusive work environment and it’s genuine. I love the work I get to do from my role perspective; the team is fun and wants to grow. The work culture itself is quite solid! I do think it’s a little more challenging to make a fun/inclusive workspace entirely remote, but we are pulling it off pretty well. We foster belonging by people caring about others.” — Sebastian Toplician,
RevOps Project Manager
“A very inclusive environment. Pride Month was celebrated and supported with a lot of enthusiasm. I loved all the events organized. Loved the efforts, thanks!” — Yukta Rustagi, Enablement Intern
“Starting with the trivia, it was fun and I learned a lot. Postman does an amazing job creating events to celebrate, educate, and bring us together. Postman as a whole is full of really nice people who care about each other and their work, and that for me makes Postman a great place to work.” — William Lauffer, Customer Success Enablement Specialist
“The book club discussion felt like a safe space, and the book impacted each one of us in different ways. We each made different connections in the book and shared those connections and challenges. I learned a lot and I’m so happy I participated in the conversation.” — Meenakshi Dhanani, Developer Advocate
“I really enjoyed the book club selection and the ensuing discussion. I learned a lot more about non-binary and transgender folks’ experiences in reading the book. As a cisgender queer person, I appreciated learning about other members of the community whose experiences I don’t share. I also found many points of understanding and common experiences in the readings.” — Andrew Rodriguez, Senior Visual Designer
“Postman fosters belonging by carving space for events such as LGBTQ2+ book clubs and encouraging open discussions. As someone who is LGBTQ2+ identified, it is great to have these spaces to bring my whole self to work.”
— Clarissa Hart, UX Researcher
“Postman recognizes the humanity in our coworkers and our work. It’s a refreshing place.” — Jared Boynton, Enterprise Customer Success Team Lead

Equal opportunity

At Postman, diversity means we implement informed policies and practices to grow a company that reflects global experiences and identities while treating each person with fairness and dignity.

Inclusion is the choice we make each day and with every interaction, to foster a workplace and world where people of all backgrounds not only belong but excel. We understand that together, we succeed better.

Postman is unapologetically committed to Equal Opportunity Employment. We proudly offer equal employment opportunities to everyone regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, veteran status, and more.

If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodations through the hiring process, please let us know early by emailing us here. We want to give you every opportunity to show us the star that you are.

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