Use the Postman and APIsec EthicalCheck Integration for Better Security Practices


This is a guest post written by Intesar Shannan Mohammed, founder and CTO at APIsec.

EthicalCheck from APIsec is a free and instant API penetration testing service. It is offered as self-service, fully automated, and requires no signup. And, it’s user-friendly with an intuitive web UI, an API, and a GitHub action to integrate API security testing in dev workflows. One way we can simplify the API security test journey is by leveraging Postman to make it easier to test your API elements that are built and managed in the Postman API Platform.

Historically, security testing was an afterthought, and most organizations opted for bi-annual and semi-automated penetration testing. As dev teams push new releases out faster, the legacy security testing model falls short of delivering secure APIs before reaching production. Dev teams need to radically change how they build and release APIs, which means they need to include continuous and automated security testing workflows into their DevOps practices. APIsec introduced EthicalCheck to help developers work toward these better practices.

Postman and EthicalCheck integration

Most organizations use Postman to build APIs and create collections to document and write tests for their APIs. As the shift-left mentality grows, dev teams increasingly want to run security scans of their API elements managed in Postman before deployment. EthicalCheck addresses this by allowing users to take a Postman Collection and run it against hundreds of API security tests across the OWASP API security list. These tests cover modern attack types like authentication, authorization, access-control, OAuth 2.0, JWT, and more. This approach saves developers time and resources and instantly enables security testing as they build and change APIs in Postman.

How to get started

Here’s how you can leverage this new integration today:

1. Go to the EthicalCheck web UI here.

2. Submit your Postman Collection in the fields provided on the EthicalCheck home page.

You can submit your Postman Collection’s public URL or upload a private collection. In addition to Postman Collections, EthicalCheck supports the OpenAPI specification as a starting point for automated API security testing.

If you want to try this out using a sample Postman Collection, check out APIsec’s sample Netbanking API. This API is a banking API that has features like accounts, transactions, and more. It has many known security vulnerabilities across authentication, authorization, and logic flaws.

EthicalCheck fields to submit your Postman Collection or OpenAPI spec
EthicalCheck fields to submit your Postman Collection or OpenAPI spec

3. Do security testing with reporting.

Once a Postman Collection is successfully submitted, the EthicalCheck will first introspect the Postman Collection file. It then creates a map of API endpoints and automatically writes hundreds of security tests covering the OWASP API list. After running the tests, EthicalCheck generates an API penetration test report and emails it to you.

4. Identify and resolve vulnerabilities.

Every vulnerability report includes all the tested endpoints, coverage graph, exceptions, and vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are automatically triaged for you, which means every vulnerability will have a severity, CVSS score, endpoint information, OWASP tag, etc. This saves you time and resources. You can identify, fix, and retest the security bug in the code.Be sure to use the Postman API-first workflow where revisions made to code can be reflected in the imported API specification (via Git integration). That, in turn, will allow you to get notifications of changes on synced collections. You can review differences and update the Collection with a few clicks, quickly getting you back to the testing stage, where you can retest with EthicalCheck. Simply repeat until all vulnerabilities are resolved.

Watch and learn

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8 thoughts on “Use the Postman and APIsec EthicalCheck Integration for Better Security Practices


    Very informational article and the tool is providing instant pentest report…!! It is helping to identify the API vulnerabilities before it goes to prod and which will aid in avoiding potential API attacks..!!


    How many security tests does it run from the OWASP top 10 list?


    Extremely enlightening article and the apparatus is giving moment pentest report… !! It is assisting with recognizing the API weaknesses before it goes to goad and which will support staying away from potential API attacks..!!


    A wonderful and very insightful article about API security testing for quickly verifying security vulnerabilities in API endpoints, as per today’s industry demand.


    APIsec Ethicalcheck provides me with a comprehensive up to date 3rd party vulnerability assessment. The detailed reports allow us to precisely identify and quickly respond to any potential issues. I regularly run the test on my web services and recommend everyone to check their systems with it. A perfectly tailored API security testing service.


    Thanks for Sharing the great and helpful tool.


    Great and very insightful article and product, for quickly verifying vulnerabilities in any openAPI/swagger definition specs. Very promising product, something which is technology industry demands today.


    Tried this tool – Ethicalcheck, it is very quick with the response and pentest report. This can be very useful in continuous security testing with a nightly, weekly schedule.