Most popular APIs in the Public API Network

As we move toward being an API-first world, APIs are an increasingly vital part of modern web and mobile development, providing developers with access to a wide range of functionality and data. They allow businesses to add new features and capabilities to their applications without having to start from scratch, and they make it easier to connect different systems and services.

To kick off 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular APIs in the Public API Network based on quality standards and usage metrics—primarily the number of forks.

Here are some of the top APIs that made the cut. Check them out and find out for yourself why they’ve been so popular.

  • Salesforce API: Enables developers to access and manipulate Salesforce data, such as accounts, contacts, and leads, as well as perform other operations like creating, updating, and searching records, and managing user access.

  • Twitter API: Enables developers to access various Twitter data and features, such as tweets, user information, and trending topics.

  • WhatsApp API: Enables businesses to interact with customers in a personalized way using the WhatsApp messaging app. It also has the ability to integrate with CRM and customer service software, which makes it easy for businesses to manage customer interactions, automate responses, and keep track of customer information.

  • PayPal API: Enables developers to integrate PayPal data and features into their own applications and systems. With the PayPal API, developers can programmatically access and manipulate PayPal data, such as creating and managing payments, handling transactions, and managing refunds.

  • Stripe API: Enables developers to accept and process payments in their applications. The Stripe API provides a comprehensive set of features that allow businesses to easily accept payments and subscriptions, and handle all related activities. Developers can use the Stripe API to create custom payment forms, handle webhooks, and manage subscriptions and customer information.

These are some of the most widely used and well-regarded APIs out there, and they’re a great starting point for any developer looking to add new functionality to their applications. With the diversity of options that these APIs provide, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your needs!

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