Introducing the Postman Supernovas Program


Postman has a wonderful community. I’m not bragging to you—you, who by the very nature of reading this blog post are part of our community. In my experience as Postman’s technical community manager, I’ve found Postman users to be kind, helpful, and engaged with one another.

In a community, we collaborate, contribute to each other’s lives, and find common ground. Here at Postman, we use the word “community” in a few ways. For example, you might be familiar with our online Community forum, which is where you can safely ask questions, learn from fellow developers, and exchange hard-earned knowledge.

One of the best aspects of the Postman community at large is its international presence. We have more than 14 million users from all over the world—the recent Postman Galaxy virtual conference had representatives from more than 145 countries. The benefits of a global community are endless: fresh perspectives; values from many cultures; always having another Postman user near you. But as a small team, we at Postman can’t be everywhere. Nor do we want to be, because this is your community as much as ours.

Enter Postman Supernovas. “Postman Supernova” is now an official designation given to our most active community members. Supernovas build community through a variety of events such as conferences, livestreams, workshops, hackathons, and meetups. Some Postman Supernovas love teaching through workshops, while others like to present their learnings through livestreams or conferences. Some Supernovas host meetups themselves, while others prefer to speak at them.

You might know our first Supernovas: Valentin Despa, Carson Hunter, and Orest Danylewycz. Why have they been chosen to kick off our Postman Supernovas program? They each help the Postman community by:

  • Hosting events virtually or in-person (when appropriate) focused on APIs and Postman, with the dual objectives of education and community-building
  • Participating in events organized by other API/tech communities to build relationships and spread understanding and awareness of Postman
  • Fostering an inclusive environment throughout the API universe

These first Supernovas share a common drive to give knowledge back to a community they say nurtured their own developer journeys. As for being a Supernova? “I love keeping up with what the community is up to on the forums, Twitter, and at conferences—contributing where I can, so being a formal Postman ambassador is a real honor,” Carson says. “I am excited for the upcoming opportunities to talk to others about how they might be able to use the Postman platform in their work as well.”

By hosting or participating in API/tech events, Supernovas spread understanding and awareness of Postman, and they grow connections with other API professionals. Postman is proud to support their efforts to ensure our community has more resources to power the future of APIs. Here are some of the things a Postman Supernova can receive:

  • Postman sponsorship and support for events
  • Special access to Postman events
  • Shout-outs on Postman’s social media
  • The opportunity to join Postman’s community advisory board

Does this resonate with you? If so, we’d like to invite you to apply to become a Postman Supernova.

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